Fire District #4: Cumberland Station 23

Effective: February 01, 2013: Any fire district established pursuant to NJ.S.40A:14-70 shall maintain either an Internet website or a web-page on the municipality's Internet website. The purpose of the website or web-page shall be to provide increased public access to the fire district's operations and activities.

Mission Statement

The Maurice River Township Board of Fire Commissioners Fire District Number 4 was established to provide financial stability for the Cumberland Volunteer Fire Company. The Commission oversees the annual operating budget and provides the fire company with funds collected through fire taxes. Our goal is to provide the community with a professional fire service and to protect our communities from harms way.

The Board of Fire Commissioners is regulated by the State of New Jersey and works with the Fire Company to establish regulations that provide fire protection and prevention which is in compliance with regulations set forth by the State of New Jersey.

Attorneys, advisors, consultants, and any other parties that receive $17,500 or more during the fiscal year for any service rendered to the fire district: TD Bank and Nat. Alexander Company.


The responsibilities of the Maurice River Township Board of Fire Commissioners Fire District Number 4 are to maintain all buildings and equipment, oversee all operating budgets, purchase equipment and to provide professional Fire services.

Rules and Regulations

 The Fire Commission of Maurice Township District #4, Cumberland is considering what, if any, regulations are appropriate to post here.


All meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department., 5272 Route 49, Millville, NJ. All meetings are open to the public. Any changes in the meeting schedule will be published in the newspaper.

Commissioners 2023

  • Barry Fisher, Chairman
  • Chris Resch, Vice Chairman
  • Lillian Johnson, Secretary 
  • Lillian Johnson, Treasurer
  • Rachael Bard, Commissioner
  • William Hall, Commissioner
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    Phone: 856-825-5230