Projects in Maurice River Township

East Point Shoreline Stabilization Project

The East Point Shoreline Stabilization Project work started on Monday, November 4, 2019.  The project is being conducted under the jurisdiction of the NJDEP and will be ongoing for the next couple months.  The project includes the installation of a Geotube along the shoreline for stabilization.  During this time there will be approximately 200 loads of soil transported to the site via Route 47 to Glade Road (Roue 616) to East Point.  The East Point Road wooden bridge has been re-enforced with a steel plate to accommodate the heavy truckloads of soil being transported.  Pictures will be posted as progress continues on the project.

The Geotube is a temporary measure to stabilize the shoreline and protect the historic East Point Lighthouse.  Once installation of the Geotube is complete it is imperative to prevent foot traffic directly on the Geotube - signs will be posted.  Please protect our shoreline and the lighthouse DO NOT walk, climb or otherwise trespass directly on the geotube.


The NJDEP started restoration of the Matt's Landing Dike on July 9th, 2018.  The project goal is to provide stability of the dike. 

The Matt's Landing dike project is proceeding with encouraging results.  With the use of ground asphalt combined with stone on the road surface, ballast rock at the edge of the water (on the pond side), top soil on crown of bank (future growth of phragmites) and large pieces of concrete on the bank bordering the bay.  

The project has been completed.  The pictures show the project from start to finish.  (updated 8/13/18)

Bricksboro Bulkhead Project

Due to flooding in the Bricksboro area from a failed bulkhead the Township of Maurice River contracted to replace a 100-ft section of the Bricksboro Bulkhead that fell within a previously granted easement area.  Two private property owners, utilizing the Township NJDEP permit, also contracted to complete sections located on their properties.  The new bulkhead was placed directly in front of the old on the waterside.  New corrugated pipe was installed to accommodate drainage of the ditch.

Pictures show the bulkhead before repair as well as after.. 

Bricksboro Ditch Cleaning

Cumberland County Mosquito Commission is performing ditch work in Brickboro.